From Michael Garber, CKI President

To our CKI family,

At our March Board of Trustees meeting we discussed what steps to take regarding the coronavirus. All members of the board who attended the meeting were in favor of continuing with all our scheduled events and services, while taking all the required precautions needed to maintain social distancing and a safe environment, unless the situation in regards to the COVID-19 virus worsened. We know that many of you depend on the services and events at CKI for your connection to Judaism, the Jewish Community and socialization. Our Mighty Little Synagogue is a vibrant part of our lives.

Unfortunately, we must announce that all services, classes and events at CKI will be suspended until further notice. We are doing this for several reasons: first and foremost, for the safety and well-being of you and your families, secondly due to the Governor of New Jersey announcing 8:00 pm curfews and the Federal government recommending avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people. All schools in NJ will close by March 18, and eventually nonessential businesses will be asked or even required to close soon. FEMA and the National Guard have both been activated.

At CKI we have taken all necessary precautions and will continue to increase our efforts to ensure that the building will remain free of the virus. Currently a date has not been determined to resume services, classes and events. Doing what is in the best interest of the Congregation as a whole will guide us through this pandemic and keep our connection to Judaism and our "Mighty Little Synagogue" as strong as ever. The pain and sadness I personally feel as I am typing this message to all of you only gets more intense as I think about how you will feel after reading it. Hoping that you understand the decision that was made, I am as always available to discuss it with you via phone and email, or in person if you prefer.

Michael Garber


229 Mountain Avenue
Bound Brook, NJ